Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pengalaman malam pertama

Ocean waves as high as 6 feet hit the housing on the waterfront residents Natuna Regency, Riau Islands province (Riau Islands). As a result of houses damaged, and residents have been displaced.

Within this week, rainfall and strong winds often occur in Riau and Riau region. The storm surge also felt the current highest reach 6 feet. This condition causes the residents of Sea Island waterfront district, the Natuna have been displaced.

"At this time marine conditions in which we are very unfriendly. Tidal waves reach a height of 6 meters damaging 8 houses. Residents are forced to flee overland this week in place of relatives, "said Zainal (45) local residents told AFP on Monday (12/26/2011).

According to Zainal, other than sea waves caused considerable damage, the two houses also destroyed by the waves. Two houses are razed to the ground due to hembasan ocean waves.

"Not only that, due to high waves this vessel did not dare go to sea. Impact, basic food at a place we've been hard to find. For example, eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, rice disappeared from circulation, "said Zainal.

Still according to Zainal, the same conditions experienced by residents in District Three Island is still in the same district. Residents there also have been displaced.

"Until now there is no concern of the Government Natuna residents who fled and his house damaged," said Zainal.

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